Welcome to Yeti Works, home of BlackBear’s Science Blog and other pieces of writing.  I am BlackBear, creator of Yeti Works and primary contributor to the site. Currently, I am a first year student at the Georgia Institute of Technology studying to become a mechanical engineer.  I hail from Columbus, Ohio and can’t wait to begin work on this project.  English 1101: Science in Public has given me the wondrous opportunity to create my own blog/website.  Most of the posts and pages on Yeti Works will deal with scientific topics that were discussed in class and my opinions on them, the other posts will most likely be works in progress and miscellaneous writings.  Every day we learn more about the Universe, technology, and our planet.  Everything is discovered at such a rapid fire pace that it’s hard to keep up with current scientific events and discoveries.  Hopefully, I will become more enlightened on many new topics and share my learning with you the readers while also enhancing my own writing at the same time.  Feel free to make comments and continue the discussion on any of the topics I post about.

-Yeti Works Creator,